Ooga’s cave is quiet this week… – 9/27/99

Ooga’s cave is quiet this week…

Ooga’s feelings this week are less prophetic than pathetic, though he still sees wrath and destruction for all remaining Dawg opponents. But in recognition of Dawgnation’s shared grief, black cloth is draped over the opening of his cave, and we offer this tribute in place of a weekly prophecy. Ooga returns next week.

For Coach Watson

The morning was fresh and the heavens were bright
As the coach came awake in a blinding new light
Of a world that had changed from the one that he knew,
For the breeze was too soft and the sky deeper blue,
And he stood at a gate, just a face in a throng
Made of all kinds of folks singing one common song,
For the people cried out for the door to swing wide,
So the crowds could flow in to their homeland inside,
But it couldn’t be done, for the door was so small
That just one at a time could pass into that hall,
And the coach was quite humble; he had no demand,
For he saw those around him from every land,
Who were statesmen, philosophers, authors and kings,
Every one of them honored for doing great things,
So the coach touched his whistle, adjusted his cap,
And he grabbed someone’s shoulder and gave it a clap,
As he smiled and moved back to the end of the line,
For one couldn’t complain on a morning so fine,
But he suddenly turned–they were calling his name,
And he blushed as they looked at him–men of such fame!
Had he done something wrong? Did he somehow encroach?
For there must be some reason they called the ol’ coach,
And there must be some reason they all stepped aside
To create him a path as the gate opened wide,
And he trembled to hear they were chanting his name,
Just as if he had scored in some heavenly game,
And a great booming voice, like the stadium P.A.,
Was now calling him forward this heavenly day,
“Do you see all this wonderful light?” the voice said,
And the coach took a look, and he nodded his head.
“It’s the light of the lives that you’ve coached all these years,
When you brought out their talent and conquered their fears,
When you taught them to reach for the strength deep inside,
And set young lives aglow with the fire of new pride,
Now that glow is the light that illumines this gate,
It’s the fire that inspires every life to be great,
And it never would spark without someone who cares,
Without someone who takes what he knows, and then shares,
And I know you don’t realize the lives you’ve inspired,
But in this bright country, you’re widely admired,
We see much more clearly that heavenly light,
And the way it breaks through all the pain of the night,
So you’ll watch from now on in this rest that you’ve earned,
As your men spread the light with your lessons they learned.”

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