Recruiting Stars and Starts: UGA Football Edition

73.1% of UGA football enrollees (x223) started at least 1 game during their UGA careers (not including current players that haven’t started a game yet but still have time) since Coach Richt was hired on 26 December 2000.5-stars: 11 of 12 [i.e., 91.7%] started at least 7 games during their UGA career [avg. 17.8 starts per player]; only Marquis Elmore didn’t start a game (he had back surgery on 6 August 2002 shortly after arriving to repair a herniated disk and that seemed to derail his career; however, he did play in 17 games and made 8 tackles) Continue reading

UGA Football Recruiting (2001-’13): the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

299 recruits signed LOIs w/ UGA in the last 13 years, an average of 23 recruits per year w/ an average star rating = 3.48
— 5-stars: 14
— 4-stars: 142
— 3-stars: 122
— 2-stars: 18
— Unranked: 3The Good (Academics/Graduation/1st & 2nd Team All-SEC Honors/NFL) Continue reading

Correlation Between Recruiting Rankings and Results

In 2012, 42 of 57 (i.e., 73.7%) SEC games were won by the team with highest average # of stars per available recruited scholarship player. Of note, 6 of the top 8 SEC teams in average # of stars per recruited scholarship player finished in the Top 12 of the final FBS Coaches Poll. Results for all SEC teams and UGA’s 2012 regular season opponents are below:(Final Coaches Poll) Average # of stars (i.e., prospect’s assessed potential) per available recruited player per’s Recruiting Database and 2012 season (& SEC) record: Continue reading