Larry Munson: Better Than Being There

From Kathy Sue Loudermilk, I Love You; 1979

Sometime in the wee hours of Sunday morning, my telephone rang. Even the ring sounded drunk. Among a number of other bad things, alcohol in large quantities dulls the ability of the user to tell time.

I muttered a groggy, hesitant, “Hello?”

“Gooooooo Daaaawgs!” was the reply from the other end. Deliver me from Billy Bulldog when it’s the middle of the night, Georgia won, and the whisky hasn’t run out.

“That you, Dorsey?” I asked. It had to be. It had to be Dorsey Hill, the world’s biggest Bulldog fan. Dorsey … Continue reading

Munson Tapes

We all remember Buck Belue:

God Bless him for that he threw.

And Blessings, too, go out to Lindsay.

Who caught the pass to ignite the frenzy.

And forevermore, there’s Herschel Walker.

Just ask Bill Bates about the Goal Line Stalker.

Of course there’s Donnan and Theron Sapp;

Both ended droughts to make us clap.

There’s Charlie Trippi, with broken noses;

Flatfoot Frankie striking the Heisman poses.

And let’s keep in mind that Wally drove’em nuts;

The sign that read “Nobody beats our butts.”

Coach Dooley said. “We gotta run the … Continue reading