Bulldog Hotline – 11/7/11

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Live from the Hotel Indigo.

You can call in to the AT&T Bulldog Hotline number at 1-888-81-DAWGS (1-888-813-2947). And now you can send in your question for Coach Richt via their FB page https://www.facebook.com/georgiabulldogs or via the official UGA Twitter page http://twitter.com/ugaathleticss using the hashtag #BulldogHotline. Georgia improves to 7-2 with a record setting 63-16 win over the New Mexico State Aggies. Now we welcome the National Champion Auburn Tigers to Sanford Stadium, 3:30 Saturday.Scott opens up by congratulating Coach Richt on the 7th win in a row. Richt says it was a good day. Everybody played the way we hoped they would. Special teams got better and did a nice job on both sides of the ball. We got a chance to play a lot of players in the 2nd half. Scott asks if he has ever seen a game where 9 different players scored touchdowns. Richt doesn’t recall ever seeing that. Nice to see a lot of people touching the ball and getting some playing time. And some guys got first time touchdowns.Mike in Good Hope thinks it’s good to get some young guys some quality playing time. Asks about out of conference schedules now that Missouri is in the SEC East (the line dropped at the end, but I think this was his question). Richt – says we wanted to get the young guys some opportunities to run our system. That was good. Says adding Missouri to the East will have us playing them each year. Thinks we’ll still have Auburn but he’s hearing we’ll have just one other team from the west. Not 100% sure. But it would allow us to keep GA Tech for instance.

Scott follows up asking about future games such as the Clemson series in a couple years. Richt says that would be something he and Mr. McGarity would have to look at. But he doubts very seriously we would change that.

Mike in Columbus says Richt has done an out

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