Bulldog Hotline 9/3/12

You can call in to the AT&T Bulldog Hotline number at 1-888-81-DAWGS (1-888-813-2947). And now you can send in your question for Coach Richt via their FB page https://www.facebook.com/georgiabulldogs or via the official UGA Twitter page http://twitter.com/ugaathleticss using the hashtag #BulldogHotline. Georgia starts the season with a 45-23 win over the Buffalo Bulls at Sanford Stadium in the first ever meeting between the two teams. Now they take to the road to welcome Missouri to the SEC with a nationally televised game on ESPN2 at 7:45pm.

Scott Howard opens up by congratulating Coach Richt who says it was an outstanding victory. A lot of bright spots, some other things to clean up. Scott mentions Todd Gurley and his impressive day which earned him Co-SEC Freshman of the Week. Richt specifically mentions the kickoff return that Coach Ball schemed up. Blocking was great and assignments were covered to set it up. Gurley didn’t get touched really. Had an interesting move when the one guy had him cut off, where he slowed down with a stutter step then re-accelerated.  Then Scott asks about other things that stood out. Richt says most of the time Murray had time to throw. There were some times the protection was not so good, but overall they did well. Backs had some space to run. We broke tackles and the receivers blocked well. Defense stoned them in the 3rd quarter. Swann did well in the punt returns. Jarvis Jones “played his tail off.”

Mitchell in Baxley congratulates Coach Richt. Says Missouri is making bold predictions and giving some bulletin board material. Would like to give a helmet sticker to Michael Bennett for blocking so well, looked like Hines Ward out there. Then asks Richt about the suspensions and if Richt will let Ogletree and Rambo play in Missouri. Richt agrees on the Michael Bennett comment, other receivers did well blocking too. Gives the same answer on suspensions he gives to the media.

Mike in Columbus appreciates the first game, says we looked good. Buffalo was better than we anticipated. We only used a base defense. Thinks the offense can be explosive. Richt agrees that it was a good first game, never wants to apologize for a win. Wasn’t perfect. Was glad the new kicker and punter got their feet wet. Ball security was outstanding. Special teams (mentions blocked punt and kickoff return again) really had a good day. Lot of things that were really good and then there’s some things we’ve got to get cleaned up.

Johnny Warrick asks about Christian Lemay and if we might see an option offense in the future. Richt talks about the zone-read play and distinguishes it from the triple option. Says LeMay in that type of set can put a lot of pressure on the defense with that play.

Garnett in Columbus says he doesn’t like the booing from the fans when the players have worked so hard. Thought we played a good game. Says he felt the coaches were holding back a bit so Missouri wouldn’t have too much to go on. Richt’s not real excited about the boos. Guys are busting their tails. Acknowledges that there’s some things we didn’t do real well. But on the other hand everyone is emotional, loves the game and loves their school. Says the team can take it and they’ll just keep getting better.

Tim in Rome is real excited about the backfield with Marshall and Gurley. Wonders if anyone realized that Gurley dropped the ball before he crossed the goalline on the 55 yard TD run. Richt says that they noticed it and made mention of it to him. Could’ve cost him a touchdown right there, but the officials didn’t call it. Recalls Mikey Henderson doing something similar on a punt return and it rolled out of the endzone, so we didn’t get any points out of it.

Wayne Humphrey wants to know if suspended players can perform drills after practice to amend for those violations. Richt says they do a lot of different things to make them pay the price. Scout team work, early morning running. But not getting to play is tough for them, hurts. Makes an analogy to his daughter with a learners permit and wants to drive, but if she ever does anything that she ought not do then they have to tell her she can’t drive. “You kind of want to find the thing that they want to do the most and take that away from them. That’s a big part of the discipline.”

Scott asks how they handled the heat Saturday. Richt thinks it was the most humid day he remembers in Georgia. They hadn’t practiced in that type of heat and humidity all summer. Says they should play a lot faster when the weather cools.

On injuries Richt mentions Dantzler, Theus and Malcome that got banged up. Thinks they’ll play. Also says Marlon Brown and Malcolm Mitchell should be able to play. They’re getting better. Feels pretty comfortable we’re getting a few guys back this week.

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