Bulldog Hotline 9/24/12

You can call in to the AT&T Bulldog Hotline number at 1-888-81-DAWGS (1-888-813-2947). And now you can send in your question for Coach Richt via their FB page https://www.facebook.com/georgiabulldogs or via the official UGA Twitter page http://twitter.com/ugaathleticss using the hashtag #BulldogHotline. Georgia had another record setting night Saturday with a 48-3 electric win over the Vanderbilt Commodores. SEC play returns this Saturday at Sanford when the Tennessee Volunteers come to town for a 3:30 kickoff.Scott opens things up with some congratulations for the fourth week in a row. Coach Richt says it was a great night, Dawg Walk was awesome. Specifically mentions how the students are always there, ready and waiting. Says the beginning of the game was about as good as you could hope for, fans were really into it and helped get Vandy to jump offsides. Scott asks if there’s ever a sense in practice that the team is going to perform that well. Richt says not really in practice, but he felt really good right before they went out onto the field. Players have some time to to themselves where it’s just them and they “motivate each other with some words.” They pray together and then he gets just a moment to speak to them before they run out. Says he could tell that all he really needed to say was “Sic em!” You could tell they were ready.Scott then asks how confident Richt is that it can be repeated this week. Richt says you hope it can. You can try to recreate things. You can’t do exactly the same things because it gets old. You have to work at motivating but also that’s why you practice so hard. To be prepared.

Steve says he’s from NW Georgia right up against the Tennessee border and wants to make sure everyone is ready. Tennesse has their backs against the wall right now and they are going to give us everything they’ve got. Don’t want to slip up like in ’04 and ’07. Just wants to warn against it. Says he would also like to get the word out to the fans – no gimmicks or anything like that – but come together and show the players our support. Would like all the fans to wear red. Get there early and be loud. Richt agrees that what happened in ’04 was they played really well against LSU and then got real flat and got beat by Tennessee. Actually mentionedthatspecificallyto

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