Bulldog Hotline 9/17/12

You can call in to the AT&T Bulldog Hotline number at 1-888-81-DAWGS (1-888-813-2947). And now you can send in your question for Coach Richt via their FB page https://www.facebook.com/georgiabulldogs or via the official UGA Twitter page http://twitter.com/ugaathleticss using the hashtag #BulldogHotline. Georgia had a record setting night Saturday with a 56-20 win over the Florida Atlantic Owls. SEC play returns this Saturday at Sanford when the Vanderbilt Commodores come to town for a 7:45 kickoff.

Scott hands out congrats.  Says the 700 yards of offense was impressive. Richt agrees. Says the guys came ready to play. Murray came out hot, hit 7 or so in a row. Maybe more. Thinks Coach Bobo did a great job scheming the game. Scott mentions the yards per carry. Richt says he felt good about the offensive line matching up with FAU. Thought we’d be able to get our backs in space against their safeties. And every once in a while we made their safety miss. Had three backs in there, keeping them fresh. Scott mentions that Jarvis rested and didn’t play. But that Amarlo Herrera continued to play well. Josh Dawson got in there, he’s a big boy for a freshman. Richt points out that Dawson and Jordan Jenkins both started at OLB for us. Cornelius Washington felt good after warmups but didn’t really go much in the game. Nursing a hamstring. Herrera made a bunch of tackles and had the pick six. Looked good and athletic.

Lance in Uvalda is impressed with the offense. Asks about the rule changes and if Richt thinks it might be taking away some of the defensive players’ instincts (mentions Thomas Davis and Greg Blue specifically). Richt thinks it does have to cross their mind, especially if they’ve been penalized and served consequences for it before. Doesn’t think guys like Thomas Davis or Greg Blue would’ve played much. They were so physical. Makes it hard for a guy to get after it. Play hard and fast. Also makes the point that a lot of time he thinks the defender is aiming for a guy’s chest or something and the receiver ducks or moves and the guy incidentally hits helmet to helmet. However, it’s designed to keep guys safe. Can’t really argue against it.

Garnett in Columbus thinks these are the best running backs UGA has had since Worley, Rodney Hampton and Keith Henderson. They are very good backs. Says we missed having Jarvis. Didn’t know he was hurt. Richt misses Jarvis too (laughs). Thinks everytime the quarterback dropped back Jarvis could’ve impacted the timing and disrupted the play. But thinks the guys stepped in well. Good to see those guys do that. The running backs are very good talent-wise. Going to get better as they go. Very conscientious. They’re pretty good fundamentally. Were some ball security issues. Pleased with the progress so far.

Bobby Riles asks if Coach Richt thinks the pass defense will click once Rambo and Ogletree come back. Richt says he does believe they will help. They both have good ball skills and experience. Says he thinks that the FAU quarterback was very accurate. Played really well. They played pitch and catch well. You hate to give up the big play. But teams that can do that are going to complete some balls on you.

Rob in Cartersville asks if Jarvis will be ready to go against Vanderbilt. Richt says he hopes he is. Not sure if he’ll be ready. He’s getting all the treatment he can get. They have to be careful with this type of injury or it can get a lot worse.

Will in Sylvester asks if Rambo and Ogletree will start the game and asks about the reason for the helmets being taken off (a little unclear what type of situation he’s asking about). Richt says we’ll talk about Rambo and Tree later in the week. As far as the helmet, if the guy takes it off to celebrate it’s a 15 yard penalty. But if it pops off during the play then it is a safety issue. So that player must leave the field of play for one play. Thinks the feeling was that if guys had to miss at least one play then they would start to do a better job of strapping it on, and that coaches would take a little bit more initiative in making sure the team is taking it seriously as well.

Injury report: Watts Dantzler (limited, no contact) with an ankle sprain; Josh Dawson (limited, no contact) with a shoulder sprain; Jarvis Jones (limited) with a groin strain; Dallas Lee (limited, no contact) with an ankle sprain; Nathan Theus (limited, no contact) with a shoulder sprain; Cornelius Washington (limited) with a hamstring strain; Rantavious Wooten (limited) with a knee contusion.

Matt in Madison Co. asks how Richt feels about these next seven conference wins we’re going to have and playing Alabama in the SEC Championship Game. Richt likes the fire. That’s the plan. But have to go by the old cliché and take it one day at a time.

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