Bulldog Hotline – 11/5/12

“AT&T Bulldog Hotline” comes your way every Monday night at 8:00 p.m, over the air on the Georgia Bulldog Sports Network from IMG, and online at georgiadogs.com. You can call in to the AT&T Bulldog Hotline number at 1-888-81-DAWGS (1-888-813-2947). Or submit your questions for Coach Richt via the Dawgs’ Official Facebook page, facebook.com/georgiabulldogs, and the Official Twitter page, @UGAAthletics, using the hashtag #bulldoghotline. Look for posts on these sites every Monday for instructions on submitting your questions. The Dawgs conclude regular season SEC play this weekend on the Plains against Auburn. The game will air on ESPN2 at 7pm.

Scott leads things off with some congratulations on a fine performance. Richt wonders if it was a slow start for us or a fast start for them. Took a while to settle down. Scott mentions the “hidden ball” play. Richt says it’s called the “44 flat back rooskie”. Says all the Georgia quarterbacks have had a shot at it. Gives credit for the play to Coach Bowden at FSU in the mid 80s against Auburn. Play has worked well most of the time they’ve called it.

Mike in Columbus is in Auburn’s backyard and asks the callers to not call in with any negativity. Last 21 games we’re 18-3. Richt has taken us to the Dome five times, and should be named SEC coach of the year. Says we’re “going to kick Auburn real good this weekend. God bless you!”. Richt appreciates Mike and mentions that this Auburn game is big for so many people that are close in proximity.

Garnett in Columbus mentions the close record against Auburn as well as many other things. Doesn’t like the booing from the fans. Wishes Richt and the team the best. Coach Richt says these guys are fired up. Agrees that the series is close. Says the record is 53 for us, 54 for them and 8 ties. Playing for the 116th time. A lot of tradition, it’s very close.

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