Bulldog Hotline – 10/22/12

“AT&T Bulldog Hotline” comes your way every Monday night at 8:00 p.m, over the air on the Georgia Bulldog Sports Network from IMG, and online at georgiadogs.com. You can call in to the AT&T Bulldog Hotline number at 1-888-81-DAWGS (1-888-813-2947). Or submit your questions for Coach Richt via the Dawgs’ Official Facebook page, facebook.com/georgiabulldogs, and the Official Twitter page, @UGAAthletics, using the hashtag #bulldoghotline. Look for posts on these sites every Monday for instructions on submitting your questions. The Dawgs continue SEC play this Saturday in Jacksonville against the hated Gators at 3:30. The game will be aired as usual on CBS.

Infront of a live studio audience (I believe they were in one of the team meeting rooms) Scott kicks things off congratulating Coach Richt (noticeably hoarse), who adds that it’s a good thing. Still in control of our own destiny. Bowl eligible and still have all of our goals in front of us. Got to get ready for a big ball game. Scott asks about his voice and Richt says it’s from cheering too loud, as well as straightening out a few “knuckleheads”. By the end of the game he’d lost his voice.

Jordan in Cumming (child) asks about the place kicking concerns. Wonders who is going to coach him this week after his struggles hitting the goalposts. Has heard this is a shared responsibility and there is not a special teams coach. Richt thanks Jordan and says his dad must have put him up to that, he read it verbatim it sounds like. Tells him to tell his dad to call next time. (pauses) Says Marshall Morgan is a good kicker. Has missed a few. But if anyone watched him on a regular basis and knew what they were talking about they would know that he is doing a good job. Obviously he pulled it left some and then over corrected and pushed it right. He’s our kicker, they’ve got faith in him and he’ll be fine.

Scott asksRicht to re

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