Bulldog Hotline 10/15/12

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Scott opens things up by welcoming Richt back, who explained that there was a full pads practice today which is not normally the case on Mondays but it is after an open date. Coach Richt said they competed well, got after it. They’ll go in shells tomorrow and then have a couple dress rehearsal days on Wednesday and Thursday. Scott then asks about last week’s preparation. Richt says they practiced Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. They met and lifted on Monday. On Friday they let them go and have the weekend off. On Wednesday it was a full pads practice, a lot like spring practice. The losers had to run four more gassers which is a pretty big motivator.

Mike in Columbus mentions that his prediction against South Carolina was wrong, luckily they lost in Baton Rouge. He mentions that we’ve given up some big plays and asks about losing players in the secondary after this season. Do we have enough depth going into 2013? Richt mentions that the big plays against us is due to mistakes in the back end and they have to get that solid. It’s not a talent issue right now, it’s an issue of guys being where they’re supposed to be. Says this class will be the largest he’s seen at Georgia. Hope to get some mid-year enrollees. He also likes the guys in the secondary who are not starters.

Steven in Dalton mentions an ESPN graphic shown that points out that Georgia is 0 for their last 10 against teams that finished the season ranked. Would like to see the trend turn around and believes it can happen. Would just like to us execute better in the big games. Richt says we all would like that trend to turn around. Gives credit to South Carolina. Says it was an electric atmosphere and it’s our job to bring the crowd back down, but that didn’t happen. Just couldn’t make a play to stop the bleeding. Tried to get the points before the half but couldn’t get on the board and “tighten it down a little bit”. Now we’ve got to make every correction that needs to be made. Some were bad decisions by players, some were bad decisions by coaches. All the goals are intact. Practice has gone well and it starts again this weekend with Kentucky. Team has not lost heart, were disappointed. But will be ready for the rest of the season.

Conner in Lexington (young caller) says LSU had success running the power I against South Carolina’s defensive front. Should we have run more from that formation? Richt says they wished they had done that more once they went back and reflected on it after the game. It’s a downhill, between the tackles run. Can run it from the I or the one back set and the coaches feel like they didn’t give it enough of a chance. And then there were times we did run it and just didn’t block it well. But overall they think they should’ve stuck with it more.

Injury report: Jarvis Jones (ankle) out of practice, Brandon Burrows (hand) is out, Sterling Bailey (thumb) also out.

Rob in Cartersville is hoping for some upsets this weekend with Florida over South Carolina. Go Dawgs! Richt says the team has to focus on the task at hand. Nothing wrong with pulling for some teams that need to help you. Admits that he has a little bit of orange in his shirt this evening and is a Florida fan this week [laughs]. But the reality is that they have to focus on this game and getting better. Have been studying the film and they know Kentucky’s record. But they had South Carolina down 17-7 early. Have a team that can jump on you. Got to be ready.

Mitchell in Calhoun asks about the offensive play calling in the South Carolina and specifically if they could’ve rolled Murray out more so he wasn’t getting so much pressure. Or used a waggle to move the pocket and be able to get rid of the ball. Richt says they probably should have. They rolled Murray out one time and had a nice completion, the next time they did Murray had to throw ball a little quicker than he wanted to. They did use a lot of quick screens and “quick game”, but Clowney really impacted what they were trying to do. Used some cut blocks to try and get his hands down since he’s so tall. But yes, believes they should’ve used moved the pocket more. Agrees.

Christopher Daniel Slossen wants to know what Richt believes is the most aggressive part of the team. Richt says he thinks our safeties are pretty aggressive. Like to hit people. Merritt Hall is a tough kid too. The job description is a collision with a linebacker on just about every play. The fullback and the linebacker collision start a good bit apart and take a downhill run. Impressive what Merritt does.

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