Bulldog Hotline – 10/10/11

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Live from the Hotel Indigo.

You can call in to the AT&T Bulldog Hotline number at 1-888-81-DAWGS (1-888-813-2947). And now you can send in your question for Coach Richt via their FB page https://www.facebook.com/georgiabulldogs or via the official UGA Twitter page http://twitter.com/ugaathletics. Georgia gets its conference record to 3-1 and overall to 4-2 with a 20-12 win in Knoxville. Fourth win in a row for Georgia and Mark Richtâ??s 100 overall. Next up, a 7:00 start in Nashville against the Vanderbilt Commodores.

Scott congratulates Coach Richt on win 100. Richt says it turned out to be a lot bigger deal than he thought it would be. Mostly because of how the players reacted after the game. Itâ??s a team game, we know that. Thanks every player, coach and all of the support staff that helped him get there. Itâ??s been a blessing to be here. To get a hundred was a special thing to him.

Scott then asks how CMR looks at this team differently now after 6 games as opposed to the beginning of the season after the first 2. Richt – wasnâ??t really sure after Boise. We certainly werenâ??t ready for what BSU had to bring. They were a very mature football team, a lot of returning starters and we didnâ??t handle it very well. But then after game 2 he felt like he saw all of the ingredients you need for a good football team. Partly fro what he saw on the field but also what heâ??d seen all through camp and the first two losses. Guys stayed very positive, unified. Thereâ??s good chemistry with these guys and a great work ethic. He felt like we had what it takes to be good just had to start winning.

Will in Sylvester asks if CMR has taken the time with his family to reflect back on the 100 wins and the accomplishment itself? Also asks how he sees the next two years with the recruiting classes heâ??s brought in. Richt – thanks him for mentioning his family, because they deserve a lot of credit too. Appreciates everything theyâ??ve helped him with through the years. He and Kathryn are a good team. Theyâ??re all a blessing. He knew when he took the job that it would take a lot of his time and his health. Thereâ??s a tremendous price to pay when youâ??re the head coach at Georgia. Kathryn has really helped him get as much out of his time with family as possible. As far as the next two seasons he acknowledges weâ??re a young team, younger than he realized. So the future is very bright. Canâ??t mention too much about the current recruits, but likes the kids who seem interested in Georgia so far. Really likes the coaching staff, the camaraderie of the group, the work ethic. Have a lot of really good things going for us.

Mike in Columbus wants to tell the Bulldog Nation that Tenn was #1 in the country in 3rd down conversions and we only gave them 4 out of 13. Weâ??re #2 in the country and only give up 25% on 3rd down, #5 in rush defense, have only given up 1 TD in the last 15 quarters. After we beat Vanderbilt weâ??re going to skin Florida this year. That will put us in the top 25. The secondary has been great but weâ??ve dropped 15 passes. God bless you sir. Thank you. Richt – says Mike is on the ball. Guarantees those are accurate too because Mike studies the game and studies the Dawgs as well as anybody and has been a good friend to the show. Appreciates him.

Johnny Law on FB wants the fumble explained. Says it was a fumble and we did recover it, but it didnâ??t end up that way after the review. Richt – we felt it was our ball too. Tenn put the replay on the big screen so it was an easy decision to challenge it. Officials though decided not to charge us with a timeout. Thinks they wouldâ??ve let the play run had he not challenged it, but they decided not to charge Georgia with a timeout. Has not had an explanation yet. Usually talks to Steve Shaw on Tuesdays if necessary. That gives the director of officiating a chance to review everything that has been turned in as questionable. Probably tomorrow heâ??ll have that conversation with Shaw to see what he thought about it.

Scott points out that normally the official will give an explanation but that didnâ??t happen this time. The ball was kind of locked against the leg of the ball carrier and (Richt helps him with the player name) Herrera got in on it. â??Tie goes to the runner I guessâ?¦â? Richt – â??I guess. Mightâ??ve been the first fumble recovery by a thigh or a hip.â?

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