Football Fanatics is having a 15% off tailgate sale


I’m not sure how long this will last, but you can get 15% off of stuff that they consider tailgating, which looks like it includes a couple of different categories.  I was thinking about getting a new front car tag, since my 2005 SEC Championship one is getting to be almost… 10 years old.  ::sigh::  But maybe the Dawgs will pull one out this year, and I’ll get a new one!  Ignore me – just go here and buy stuff!  For 15% off!  It helps out the AO Page!

Georgia vs. Florida 2013 Final Score tees


Let your Bulldogs pride shine for all to see as you celebrate their thrilling victory over the Florida Gators with these Score tees. It boasts scores from the game, along with vibrant Georgia graphics so everyone knows your team came out on top. Go Dawgs!

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