Bringing back a tradition

The Redcoat Band is bringing back a tradition – singing “Hail to Georgia” during the pregame!

Hail to Georgia down in Dixie!
A college honored, fair, and true!
The red and black is her standard, proudly it waves,
Streaming today and the ages through!
She’s the fairest of the Southland!
We’ll pledge our love to her for aye! [pronounced like the letter “A”]
To that college dear we’ll raise a cheer!
All hail to dear old U-G-A!

Did you know there’s a second verse to “Hail?”  Here it is:

Hail, our Varsity of Georgia!
Thy sons will e’er thy glory sing;
To thee we’ll ever be faithful, loyal and true;
Ever and aye will thy praises ring.
Grand old times of ours at Georgia
The happiest days they’ll be alway;
Alma Mater, fair beyond compare,
All hail to dear old UGA!

For more lyrics to traditional UGA spirit songs, visit this page.