The Prophet Ooga Returns in Reruns!

oogaAs a belated Christmas gift to Dawg fans everywhere, I’ve finished restoring The Prophet Ooga to the archives.  Bestselling author, cartoonist, and editor Rob Suggs originally posted Ooga’s prophesies on the DawgVent message board during the 1999 through 2003 football seasons.  They were collected by AirForceDawg (aka Wade), who then passed them on to me.  Unfortunately, a few of them have been cut off, but we’re attempting to track down the missing pieces.

I had them up on my website for many years, but after The Great Website Catastrophe of 2012, I’ve been extremely slow in restoring the archives.  I had a couple of pushes behind the back lately for Ooga, so here they are in glorious black and white!