The Redcoat Band Chant

What are the words to the Redcoat Band chant? One half of the band says each line, with the other half of the band repeating each line.

Hey lift your head up to the sky,
Cause we’re the Redcoats passing by,
And if you heard what I just said,
Get down on your knees and bow your head!

GO DAWGS (repeat 4x withecho)

Hey what’s that coming down the track?
A huge machine that’s red and black!
Ain’t nothing finer in the land,
Than the Georgia Redcoat Marching Band!

GO DAWGS (repeat 4x with echo)

(Four taps, band plays GO GEORGIA BULLDOGS cheer)





Unknown to most Georgia fans (and most Redcoat members for that matter!) are the following two “lost” stanzas. I do not when the band ever used them, or when they started. If you know, please contact me and fill us in! Thanks to Warren Stokes (c/o 1996) for sending this to me.

Hey what’s that coming down the lane?
A super band let me explain!
The loudest sound you’ll ever hear!
It makes you stand right up and cheer!

Hey what’s that coming down the street?
300 pairs of marching feet!
Let’s face it folks we’ve stacked the deck,
It’s glory to Georgia to hell with tech!!


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