The Georgia-Auburn Rivalry from the Turn of the Century (1900)

In 2005, Golden Swarm (yes, a Tech fan) of Wayne’s Auburn Board posted some interesting AJC articles from the turn of the 20th century about the Georgia-Auburn rivalry. Thanks to GS for allowing The AO Page to reproduce his post.

I am a grad student in history and did a quick search of historical newspaper databases that I can access. I found these five articles previewing the first football game ever played in the South. There were a few more regarding the game, but these were the best. They are from the Atlanta Constitution.Som eof the scans are a little tough to read, but I hope you enjoy reading them. Going through old newspaper articles is a lot of fun.

Article 1: Previews the lineup of Auburn under the heading”the Alabama Boys” which included an “active” 5’10” 140lbs fullback and a center coming in at 6′, 200lbs and is described as “all muscle.” The analysis of the Auburn closes with noting the boys from Auburn are gentlemen coming to Atlanta with the intention of playing a fair, sportsmanlike game.

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