Georgia Football Is…

GEORGIA football is…

a year round obsession with the Dawgs,

parking Friday at 4:30 and saving spaces or getting up earlier than you

do during the week just to get that tailgating spot,

it’s standing on “The Bus”, Loud Music, Red Cars and Georgia Tags.

It’s seeing your best friends pull into the parking lot,

catching up with all your Bulldog buddies and tailgating, tailgating, tailgating.

It’s Champagne after a win and just the right red and black clothes and shoes.

It’s leaving Tuesday for Jacksonville and getting chills in 95-degree F weather when the team takes the field.

It’s G Day and Picture Day and Signing Day and Bulldog Club meetings and getting into practice.

GEORGIA football is the players:

Herschel, Hines,

Henderson and Worley,

Belue to Lindsay Scott,

Zeier to Hastings;

It’s Tate, Garrison,

Edwards and Hampton.

Greene to Johnson

and David Pollack.

It’s Ben Smith, Chuck Carswell, Olandis, Bobo to Allen, and Champ and Boss.

It’s watching your personal favorites and pulling for that special walk-on player.

It’s the Redcoats spelling out G E O R G I A,

UGA attacking that AU guy Baker and Hairy Dawg.

GEORGIA football is GOOOOO DAWGS…..SIC’EM woof woof woof woof!

It’s hating orange and bees and gators and cocks.

It’s Munson and his cigar and “Whaddaya got Loren?”

GEORGIA football is

Coach Dooley dancing down the sidelines,

Erk with a blood-streaked forehead

and Coach Richt yelling, “How ’bout them Dawgs” .

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