Excerpts from the 1938-39 UGA Student Handbook

A sub to the Athens-Banner Herald was a mighty 13 cents a week.

You could buy raw milk at Hodgson’s Pharmacy.

Harmon Caldwell was the UGA President.

Steadman Sanford was the Chancellor.

Georgia Motors stood where the Pike house stands today.

Uni0n Bus Station stood where The Grill stands today.

Dick Ferguson’s men clothier was already in business.

Wally Butts was just an asst. coach on the fb team.

Then Dean of Freshman, William Tate, was also head coach of the cross country team.

Every full-time student was given honorary membership into the Athletic Association and a free sub to the official newspaper of the AA, The Red & Black.

All freshmen “proficient in athletics” are encouraged to try out for UGA’s Varsity teams.

An entire section dedicated to “Cheers and Yells.” Among the yells are “Glory, Glory!,” “Reck Teck,” and “Going Back (to Athens Town).”

All phone numbers are in ads are listed as only 4 digits–every Athens phone number had the same 3-digit prefix.

The very first section of the handbook?…Religion.

The longest section in the handbook?…Religion.

There is but one paragraph in 168 pages regarding women’s athletics.

Yet, Marjorie Mann was the Student Body President.

There were University Holidays to recognize Confederate Memorial Day as well as Robert E. Lee’s birthday.

“FRESHMEN RULES”: ‘1) All freshmen must wear their red caps from the day of registration until the Christmas holiday…2) Freshmen must not pass under the Arch at the entrance of campus…3) When you pass a GEORGIA MAN on the street, the true Georgia spirit bids you speak to him.’

There are rules of sportsmanship that all participants in UGA athletics, both Varsity and intramurals, must adhere to.

“Learning the scriptures of the Bible are essential to a complete education.”

Lastly….”The University of Georgia has over a century of traditions and honors. Each class, and each individual, contributed to this background. A higher type of state, national, and world citizenship must exist because of what you contribute to The University of Georgia.”

Thanks to HacksawDawg for this information!
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