Bulldog Hotline – 12/3/12

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Richt was unable to join the show this week as he was on the road recruiting. Instead former Georgia quarterback David Greene joined host Scott Howard as well as Hall of Fame kicker Kevin Butler who helped lead things off. Scott says there is plenty to talk about and Kevin says he is proud of the coaching staff, the players and the fans. It was a special game, like a heavyweight fight. Big disappointment that Georgia didn’t win. The play of the game was the defensive end that tipped the ball. Made the difference in what was the most exciting SEC Championship game.

Some trouble with the phone lines leads Scott to ask Kevin about how he feels with the Capital One Bowl match up against Nebraska. Kevin is glad we’re in a New Year’s Day bowl even though we didn’t get in a BCS bowl like we deserved. With Georgia and Nebraska you have a classic match up that has only happened on the football field one time, in 1969. Great match up because it’s a new match up. Two storied programs. The Cornhuskers did not have a good showing in the conference title game and he’s sure they’ll be looking to make a statement. So Georgia will have to be ready. Senior class will want to go out on top.

Primetime Player of the Week is Alec Ogletree.

Injury report: Marlon Brown and Michael Bennett with their knee injuries and Abry Jones with his ankle injury.

David Greene joins the show and Scott asks him about getting named to the SEC Legends. Greene says it was a great experience, huge honor. The timing of it was special too with Georgia making the game, so he was glad to get some applause unlike Peerless Price with Georgia and Alabama fans there [laughs]. Was very proud of the team at how hard they fought. Every time they were hit with adversity they fought back. They may not go down in history as the SEC champions for 2012 but they’ll be remembered as such for sure.

Muriel (?) in Baxley says she wishes they had 30 more seconds on the clock and asks what he thinks they should do about the late hit on Aaron Murray. Greene says he was shocked that Murray was able to get up. Would not be surprised if Quinton Dial does not play in the National Championship game. In the NFL he would be fined $30-40,000. As far as the end of the game, it was just a hard way to end it. Can see an argument both ways for clocking the ball or running a play like we did. Murray was trying to throw the fade and it got tipped. And of course you can’t blame Conley for trying to make a play. Just hard for the fans and especially hard for the players.

Mitchell in Baxley thanks Coach Richt and says the players are champions in his book. Challenges the underclassmen to come back and finish the job. Also says the reporter who asked the question (about not winning the big games), if he asked him the question he’d be picking up his teeth. Greene says it’s a shame that in this day and time it’s cool to be disrespectful and people feel they can say whatever they want; that they have the right to question Coach Richt and Aaron Murray on why they can’t win the big game. If he were Coach Richt he would put it back on him as the “analyst” to break it down. Anyone who understands football and has played football can understand that it’s more than one guy that determines the outcome of the football game. No question the quarterback has a big part in that. But if you watched that football game (Saturday night) then you know that it was not won or lost solely because of Aaron Murray. Twenty years ago no one asked questions like that and nowadays people feel entitled to answers, feel like they can say whatever they want. Says maybe he’s more “old school”. Thinks Coach Richt handled it about as well as he possibly could given that situation. People don’t realize in January at 5am these guys are getting up just to get the opportunity to play on Saturdays in the Fall. Nothing is given to them. They’re not even guaranteed to win a game. They’re getting up, putting in time and working out just to get to run out and play for Georgia. To go out and put your heart and soul on the field, play as hard as you can against a very good opponent just to have someone come out and say “Well, it’s never good enough.” One of the messages he gives to the young people he talks to is to tune that out because there are people everywhere that are telling you you’re not good enough. You just have to play within yourself and keep going. Apologizes for getting on his “soapbox” a little bit. Scott says that’s alright.

Micah in Kennesaw says it’s an honor to talk to Greene asks how he feels about next season from a personnel standpoint and a schedule standpoint. Greene feels like we’re loaded with talent. Specifically mentions Todd Gurley. Scott mentions that Marlon and King are the only guys offensively that we lose, depending on what Murray decides to do. Greene points out that these young guys don’t know anything different from going to the SEC Championship game. But the fact of the matter is that we lost in the trenches Saturday night. So we’re almost there and the future is extremely bright.