Bulldog Hotline – 10/29/12

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Scott leads things off by congratulating Coach Richt who says it’s fun to win. It was a hotly contested win. Not real sure what happened at the start of things, still getting to the bottom of it. Was watching the flip of the coin. While that was happening there was something going on with some players and their strength coach. Not sure if he’ll get a call from the commissioner. Fur was flying from the beginning and until the very end. But was proud to see the team not back down from the challenge.

Scott points out that they really don’t have much time to enjoy it as they get right back to work today. Richt says they don’t even take Sunday off. Has an offensive meeting at 2pm with some film study, the the defense at 3:30. After a family dinner there is a full staff meeting before he meets with the kicking coaches. As soon as they get done watching and going over Florida they’re looking at Ole Miss. The downside is you don’t get to enjoy the wins too long, but you also don’t worry about the losses too long either.

Mike in Columbus points out that Richt is 17-3 in the last 20 games. Predicts that LSU will get beat by Bama and then the other teams ahead of Georgia will also fall. Beat Bama in Atlanta and then guess who is playing for the National Championship? Then he says that Scott is the best announcer in America. Richt says that Mike is setting the tone tonight and that he loves Mike. Scott says he does as well. Richt asks if we can get to hear Howard’s call of the Malcolm Mitchell touchdown before the end of the show, that he didn’t get to hear it. Scott says there’s just a lot of screaming. Richt says that’s okay.

Next segment leads in with Howard’s call. (applause) Richt – “That was awesome!” Scott asks what the intent was on the play, to go 45 yards or get a first down. Richt says he’s just glad he put Mitchell back in the game after yanking him out following the personal foul penalty. They were in a zero or man to man coverage and that was where the ball is supposed to go there. The rushed six and played man including press coverage on Malcolm. If it was a zone look Murray would’ve been looking to his right side. They really brought more than we could block and he thought the ball was going to get batted down. Malcolm ran a good route, pushed the defender up field and then pushed the brakes. Then he turned around and the ball was right there which gave him enough separation to take it the distance.

Lance in Uvalda asks if Richt really thinks it is a neutral field, especially with all of the financial impact that the state of Florida gets from it not to mention the proximity to Gainesville. Richt reminds that he doesn’t make comments on that anymore. Says it is like an away game for both teams, with travel and the 70 man roster. Feels like an away game until you get in the stadium with the 50-5 split. Definitely neutral in the that regard.

Joe McFarland asks if Richt would ever go to a backup quarterback in times when Murray is struggling to give him a break to regroup. Richt says it’s possible, but Mason is redshirting. You have to worry about the possibility of the other guy going in and really struggling too, not used to the speed of the game. You’ve just got to believe in your man. References the last touchdown drive where Aaron was continually counted upon. They have a lot of faith in Aaron.

Steve in Carlton is concerned about Murray. Noticed that he doesn’t run the ball as much as he used to. Mentions the illegal forward pass penalty. Looks like he settles down some after he gets a good run. Richt agrees that he used to run more. Remembers being surprised at how successful and how quick he was against the speed of the conference. Made some great plays with his feet, but also missed some opportunities that he didn’t see because he was running out of there too quick. The more he understands the system the more he’ll stand in there and make good throws. That’s part of the reason his passing stats are so high. Had a lot of time thanks to the offensive line. The only thing he said to Murray at halftime was that he has a time clock in his brain and knows when the guy is supposed to be open. Make the 1st, 2nd and 3rd read and then it’s time to throw it away or like Steve said, take off running. What happened was he was often going through his reads and still had time left in the pocket. And then you’re throwing too late or across the field. He got it straightened out in the second half.

The Ghosts of Georgia-Florida

By Randy Young (aka Yellowdawg) in 2001

There is a little gnawing sensation in the gut of every person who bleeds red and black this week.

Nervousness? Possibly. Anxiety? Potentially. Anticipation? Maybe.For me, I am convinced there are ghosts at work.  See, it’s Florida week. A week unlike any other week. A week with a feeling no Tech or Tennessee fan will ever have the slightest grasp of.

You know what I am talking about – they never will.

There are more ghosts at work here for this week than meets the eye of the untrained observer.

I was born and raised in Jacksonville, growing up in a Bulldog home that happened to be located in a Gator world. Every year, when this week would roll around, I would curl up on my bed, and listen to that man on the radio, the one that sounded like a Bulldog would sound if he could talk.

“…Appleby! The end around! Just stopped, planted his feet and threw it, and Washington caught it, thinking of Montreal and the Olympics, and ran out of his shoes right down the middle 80 yards. The Gator Bowl rocking, stunned – the girdors are bending now!”

As a kid, I was always impressed that it always seemed however improbable the odds, that team from Georgia seemed to find a way to overcome them. There was lesson in that.

“…the Gators had us down and out 27-13, but in this Gator Bowl where we broke their hearts last year, our guys ran behind that big quarterback from Moultrie and came back to win it 41-27…

When my family moved to Georgia from Jacksonville, I would find a quiet spot out in the yard, plop down on the fall leaves and listen to the game on my AM radio, and think about all those games past.

…”Florida in a standup 5. They may or may not blitz, they won’t. Buck back,third down on the 8. In trouble, got a block behind him. Gonna throw on the run. Complete to the 25! Lindsay Scott, 35, 40, Lindsay Scott 45, 50. Run, Lindsay! 25, 20, 15, 10, 5. Lindsay Scott! Lindsay Scott! Lindsay Scott!”

Even when it was a given that the Florida team was the far superior unit, that meant little.

“…we are holding on to a 17-3 lead against the #1 ranked Gators, but they have our backs against our own goal trying to make something happen against us, at our own 11. We hand it off the Worley – there’s a hole – he’s got 10, 15, 20 – gets a block Tim Worley455045 40, down the sideline – Tim Worley, touchdown touchdown touchdown!!”

You have to wonder what will happen this year. A Florida team, the kings of the SEC hill with perhaps the best coach in the conference, loaded with stars, but hurting after a shocking upset. A Georgia team on the rise,a new coach and a budding confidence, one dropped TD pass away from being undefeated.

“…we’re going to Edwards, gets a block, Edwards 35 30, Edwards down the sideline 15 10 – touchdown!! Robert Edwards with his second score today!” There ain’t nothing on earth quite like this game. So many ghosts running the field. Herschel and Sinkwich and Dooley will be there. So will Patton and Etter, Erk and Hoage, Hampton, Henderson and Zambiasi.

Will there be another legendary chapter written for the red and black? With Stonewall Richt leading the Bulldawg Brigade against Usama Bin Spurrier, our cause is right, and it is just.

The time is now.

Woof woof.

“Always mystify, mislead, and surprise the enemy…repeated victory will make you invincible. Have faith in God that the victory will be won, irregardless of odds.” — Gen. T. J. “Stonewall” Jackson, CSA