Why I Don’t Play Soccer

by Spartanburg Dawg (Mike Floyd)

Georgia trailed 21-20 and time was running out on what he knew was too good to last forever. Florida had the ball with less than four minutes remaining in the game, and things were getting worse by the second. “Dear God,” he thought to himself, “I think I’m going to be sick.”The game was on television, but he wasn’t watching. Instead, he was in the car at the local soccer fields, suffering with Munson on the weak, AM radio of his 1976 Dodge Colt. His son had a soccer match, as he did every Saturday, … Continue reading

Old School video of Richard “Le Sack” Tardis

Translation: Gladiators Football Américain – kewego

The training and game featuring an American University: The Georgia Bulldogs

A video made from the report “Richard Tardits the Gladiator American Football”, by Jep Les Gladiateurs du Football Américain – kewego
L’entraînement et le match d’une équipe universitaire américaine: Les Georgia Bulldog