Remembering one of UGA’s finest – Spud Chandler

Spud Chandler (1907-1990)

Arguably the greatest baseball player produced by UGA was Spud Chandler, born in Commerce, GA. However, Spud was an outstanding athlete in other sports too. He arrived at UGA and met with Head Football Coach Harry Mehre. After a requested quick tryout, Spud immediately earned a spot on Mehre’s football team; and he quickly became a very good player as an option halfback. He threw critical touchdown passes in the victory over Yale in the 1929 Sanford Stadium Dedication Game, and again in 1930 in the victory over Rose Bowl bound Georgia Tech. The speedy Chandler also ran track as well as playing baseball for the Dawgs. He actually had chances to sign a MLB contract early in his college days, but turned them down because (1) he was having too much fun playing college football, and (2) his childhood favorite New York Yankees hadn’t come calling yet.

As is the case in so many great athletes, injuries hampered his professional career. In fact, after graduating from UGA, Chandler never had an injury-free season. Part of that was simply hard luck, but a lot of it had to do with … Continue reading

Four Notes on a Trumpet: The Tech Experience

A parody of “7 Notes” – by Saxondawg

You wake up in the top bunk, snug within your Star Trek bedsheets, with that feeling in the pit of your stomach. That pounding feeling, that giddy, nauseous rush that can mean only one thing. You rush to the potty and take care of business. The feeling goes away. But something about tinkling–the colors, the sounds–makes you remember: Yellow Jacket football today!You put on your best yellow sweater and yellow knee-socks, though you call them “gold,” natch. Then, moving to the dresser, you specially polish your thick glasses, adding one final flourish–fresh tape wrapped around the bridge. Speaking of bridges, your braces are also polished to a fine sheen, new zits are popped, and you’re lookin’ GOOD! You’re lookin’ JACKET.

You Might Wear Orange If…

  • You think the play The King and I is about Elvis.
  • You ever listed fuzzy dice on an insurance claim.
  • Your trolling motor used to be a fan in a barber shop.
  • You list “tick removal” as a skill on your resume.
  • You use an ironing board as a knick-knack shelf.
  • You think The Battle of the Bulge is an argument between your wife and mother.
  • You’ve ever driven around looking for your porch roof after a bad storm.
  • Your brother-in-law is also your uncle.
  • Your nicest towels say “Property of Motel 6″.
  • You get your daily requirement of fiber from toothpicks.
  • The photo on your driver’s license includes your dog.
  • You think Dom Perignon is a mafia leader.
  • You’ve ever walked through your living room and caught your neck on a clothesline.
  • Your favorite seafood is hushpuppies.
  • You consider anything outside the Lower 48 “overseas”.
  • Your neighbor has ever asked to borrow a quart of beer.
  • The only cordless phone you have is the one … Continue reading