A Long Way From Home

by Mike Floyd
Bulldog News Desk

Skagway, Alaska – “HOW ‘BOUT THEM DAWGS!” screamed the guy from across the street, and I knew right away he was the real deal.

I was wearing my Georgia shirt, walking the streets with a good buzz and feeling a little lonely. It was around 10 pm, the sun had just gone down and I was listening to the locals living it up in the saloons in celebration of the cruise passengers hitting the road once again.

“What we gonna have this year?,” he continued, and I knew this was a man that wasn’t just striking a pose. “We” instead of “they” was the dead giveaway, not to mention an accent that hardly kept his roots a secret.

I get it a lot, actually. Folks who see the Georgia shirt and decide they’ll enlighten me about southern football and our beloved Bulldogs. Most of them are delusional PAC 10 fans who, sooner or later, start wanting to tell me how Washington or Oregon is going to win the national title this year.


But this guy was on the money, with a deep South Georgia accent and a demeanor that was all Dawg. … Continue reading

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I’ve got a ton of old content from the website. Unfortunately, there’s not an easy way to import all of this, and really, is there a need? What do you think – in particular, the hotline reports dating all the way back from 1999 (?). Should I just backdate the ones from this past season? Or not at all? I’m curious to hear your opinion.