Bulldog Hotline – 10/31/11

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You can call in to the AT&T Bulldog Hotline number at 1-888-81-DAWGS (1-888-813-2947). And now you can send in your question for Coach Richt via their FB page https://www.facebook.com/georgiabulldogs or via the official UGA Twitter page http://twitter.com/ugaathletics using the hashtag #BulldogHotline. Georgia gets its first win Continue reading

Bulldog Hotline – 10/17/11

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Live from the Hotel Indigo.

You can call in to the AT&T Bulldog Hotline number at 1-888-81-DAWGS (1-888-813-2947). And now you can send in your question for Coach Richt via their FB page http://www.facebook.com/georgiabulldogs or via the official UGA Twitter page http://twitter.com/ugaathletics. Georgia gets its conference record to 4-1 and overall to 5-2 with a 33-28 win over Vanderbilt Saturday in Nashville. Next up, a week off before the annual border clash with Florida in Jacksonville.

Scott opens things up by congratulating Coach Richt on the win. CMR says we’re just trying to keep pace in the SEC East. Get some time to rest and refocus. And be ready to play Florida which will be an exciting time in Jacksonville.

Then Scott asks about his mood after the game. Richt said he is thankful for the win, but wishes after the game we could all just get along (laughs). Why can’t we just come across there say good game and be done with it? Says things got too active after the game and even during the game we didn’t do a good job of just going back to the huddle or sideline. We’ve got to learn to be more disciplined in that regard because all that can do is turn into trouble for you. Again, thankful for the victory. Not thankful for the heart attack just prior to the victory. Got a lot of positives things going but we really must get better at a lot of things if we really want to make a run at this thing.

Mike in Columbus is first up. Mentions the FSN survey of the SEC East coaches and that Richt led the survey at 83%. Then he talks about all the chop blocking during the game. Worst he’s seen since Georgia Tech. And they were able to run for 200 yards. Assures everyone Georgia will win the East. Richt thanks Mike for being a good fan. Says he was right about getting Crowell, hopes he’s also right about the SEC East. Scott then asks if CMR would like to talk about Vandy’s blocking. Richt no, I don’t have any thoughts on that. Except that he’s right about them running for 200 on us.

Sonny in Evans has a couple questions. Not trying to sound like he’s complaining or whining. Applauds the team for the five game winning streak. But he is concerned about not being able to put teams away in the second half. He also would like CMR’s thoughts on having such a big offensive line that isn’t able to produce a consistent running game. What are we doing to work on that? Richt agrees with minimizing the drama? at the end of games. Had some people open that we didn’t hit, some missed FGs, had the fake punt, didn’t tackle on the kick return. But also gives credit to the teams we’ve played. They execute well. You can’t have a perfect game all the time, but you do want to minimize the drama so to speak. As far as the offensive line, it’s important to have big and strong linemen. But at every level of football you just have to be ready to get the ugly yards. And then suddenly you pop one and your receivers have to be ready to block downfield and your RB has to make the safety miss. There’s a lot of times we do knock them down and create space and we just need to continue to get better on the running end of it too.

Stanley Tucker from FB asks about trick plays and Brandon Boykin in the backfield. Will we see any in Jax? Richt – Doesn’t want to talk about trick plays because then they’re not very tricky. (laughter) Scott then asks what his favorite trick play is. Richt says the ones that work. Those are the best ones. The ones that don’t work usually mean negative yardage because there’s a risk to them. But we’ll definitely see some more of Brandon Boykin back there.We’ll see more of the other number 1. Well I don’t know who’s the other number 1 really. But the defensive number 1, Branden Smith. We’ll see those guys play some more offensive snaps before the season is over.

Randy Benson asks about Ray Drew, will he get more playing time? Richt ‘ Drew had a good game and got more playing time. Some tackles for loss, some hurries. Pretty active out there. Thinks that gave him some confidence and that that gives the coaches more confidence in him. Some of these freshmen are really going to be good players. But just because they’re really talented doesn’t mean they’re ready to line up and play football right off the bat. Ray has slowly been getting better and better. Is sure he will get more time now.

Primerica Player of the Week, Overachiever Award ‘ Christian Robinson from Norcross. Richt says Christian is a guy that we’ve been leaning on. He seems to have picked Grantham’s defense a little quicker. Has the ability to read the offense well and can recognize and communicate. He’s also gotten bigger, stronger and faster. Scott asks if CRob’s back to 100% after his injury. Richt is sure but says by the Florida game he will be.

Dave in Stone Mountain says in the three games we’ve beaten Florida in the last 21 years we’ve had a 7-0 lead and a 100 yard rusher in all three of those wins. Wanted to point that out. Also, concerned about how we always seem to jump into the shotgun once we get into the redzone. And the first play always seems to put us into 2nd and long yardage. Why do we always get into the shotgun when we’re in the redzone even if we’ve been successful in the I? Richt ‘ doesn’t think it is ‘always’, but says we do play a lot of football in the shotgun. Says he definitely will look into it, is interested to see how much it happens.

Scott in Grayson congratulates CMR on number 101. Appreciates Coach Grantham. Asks if Rambo was coached to get down after that interception at the end to avoid a fumble or was it a personal choice. Also asks about the shotgun formation on the last drive, why didn’t we use instead a couple TEs and a FB to kind of pound it out? Richt ‘ Rambo probably felt the game was over. Many felt that way probably. Says he would probably ask that he get as much as he can while he’s in space. As far as being in the shotgun at the end of the game, we didn’t get much on a read play going sideways when we probably could’ve pulled the ball and gotten yards vertically. The time before when we tried to get a first down we were in an I-formation and some two-tights and were trying to pound it out and still weren’t able to get a first down. But we also had a five yard penalty that made it 1st and 15. We could’ve thrown a pass but that produces the risk of an interception or stopping the clock and giving them 40 seconds. The bottomline is we’ve got to get a first down when we need one to finish a game. Regardless of whether we’re in the eye or the gun it doesn’t matter. We’ve got to execute.

Brian Burress wants to know about the impact of Cornelius Washington and Alec Ogletree will be returning to the lineup. Richt ‘ hopes it’s a big impact. Knows they’re both ready, excited. Should be fresh. Tree will begin practicing again tomorrow. There will be a little rust there but we’re working on some fundamental stuff anyway that will help him out. He’ll be full speed, no green jersey.

Mike in Gainesville asks about the 4th quarter call to punt, did he consider taking a safety? Richt ‘ if we were closer to the goalline, it might have been wise. But there was a lot of space and yards to cover with that play. You have to be able to assure that he can get out of bounds, has enough of a head start.

Mitchell in New Hampshire asks what’s the biggest thing we have to work on to get better? And also what does he think about bringing a former player or maybe a player of the game in the previous week on to the call in show? Richt ‘ fundamentals is something we’ll work on. Talks about blocking and all the different types of blocks that we have time to work on. There’s a number of things to work on with special teams. And tackling will also be addressed. It all comes down to blocking and tackling.

@rtdew asks other than the win is there anything else he liked about the Vanderbilt game? Richt ‘ is there anything better than winning? (laughs) Talks about how the defense has matured to the point that they can get the stops when it’s necessary. Doesn’t think we had that last year. This year they made a stop at the end of the first half and really two at the end of the game.

Richt then goes back to answer Mitchell’s second question. Says he’s all for someone else coming along if the people in charge are ok with it. Scott says they’d have to check to see if there’s a rule against a player coming in for the call in show. Richt says that there’s always a rule against something.

Virgil is calling from Athens. Commends Richt on the way the team is playing. Then asks if we can kick the ball into the endzone so that there isn’t a return. Richt ‘ says Walsh has the leg for it and has full rein to knock it out of the endzone. Sometimes the wind is against him and he can’t get it all the way there. Also sometimes fatigue can play a role too late in the game. And when that happens the rest of the guys have to be there and be disciplined.

Joe in Dublin asks Richt about the recruiting. Richt ‘ says he can’t get into specific names of course. They’ve got a lot of really good names on the board. Winning is the best recruiting tool.

Jesse in Gillsville asks if Isaiah was hurt at Vanderbilt. Richt ‘ says he has a nagging injury with his wrist that keeps getting hit. It heals fast but when it gets hit again it causes some pain. Carlton also had an injury on his first carry. So he didn’t see much work. As for Richard, says he runs hard and puts in his best effort each time. Runs with a lot of heart.

Scott asks if the off week comes at a good time. Richt ‘ it does. They’ll get some rest, relaxation. He’ll get to see John play football for Mars Hill so that’ll be good. Also has another son in a play that he’ll get to see.

Bulldog Hotline – 10/10/11

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Live from the Hotel Indigo.

You can call in to the AT&T Bulldog Hotline number at 1-888-81-DAWGS (1-888-813-2947). And now you can send in your question for Coach Richt via their FB page https://www.facebook.com/georgiabulldogs or via the official UGA Twitter page http://twitter.com/ugaathletics. Georgia gets its conference record to 3-1 and overall to 4-2 with a 20-12 win in Knoxville. Fourth win in a row for Georgia and Mark Richtâ??s 100 overall. Next up, a 7:00 start in Nashville against the Vanderbilt Commodores.

Scott congratulates Coach Richt on win 100. Richt says it turned out to be a lot bigger deal than he thought it would be. Mostly because of how the players reacted after the game. Itâ??s a team game, we know that. Thanks every player, coach and all of the support staff that helped him get there. Itâ??s been a blessing to be here. To get a hundred was a special thing to him.

Scott then asks how CMR looks at this team differently now after 6 games as opposed to the beginning of the season after the first 2. Richt – wasnâ??t really sure after Boise. We certainly werenâ??t ready for what BSU had to bring. They were a very mature football team, a lot of returning starters and we didnâ??t handle it very well. But then after game 2 he felt like he saw all of the ingredients you need for a good football team. Partly fro what he saw on the field but also what heâ??d seen all through camp and the first two losses. Guys stayed very positive, unified. Thereâ??s good chemistry with these guys and a great work ethic. He felt like we had what it takes to be good just had to start winning.

Will in Sylvester asks if CMR has taken the time with his family to reflect back on the 100 wins and the accomplishment itself? Also asks how he sees the next two years with the recruiting classes heâ??s brought in. Richt – thanks him for mentioning his family, because they deserve a lot of credit too. Appreciates everything theyâ??ve helped him with through the years. He and Kathryn are a good team. Theyâ??re all a blessing. He knew when he took the job that it would take a lot of his time and his health. Thereâ??s a tremendous price to pay when youâ??re the head coach at Georgia. Kathryn has really helped him get as much out of his time with family as possible. As far as the next two seasons he acknowledges weâ??re a young team, younger than he realized. So the future is very bright. Canâ??t mention too much about the current recruits, but likes the kids who seem interested in Georgia so far. Really likes the coaching staff, the camaraderie of the group, the work ethic. Have a lot of really good things going for us.

Mike in Columbus wants to tell the Bulldog Nation that Tenn was #1 in the country in 3rd down conversions and we only gave them 4 out of 13. Weâ??re #2 in the country and only give up 25% on 3rd down, #5 in rush defense, have only given up 1 TD in the last 15 quarters. After we beat Vanderbilt weâ??re going to skin Florida this year. That will put us in the top 25. The secondary has been great but weâ??ve dropped 15 passes. God bless you sir. Thank you. Richt – says Mike is on the ball. Guarantees those are accurate too because Mike studies the game and studies the Dawgs as well as anybody and has been a good friend to the show. Appreciates him.

Johnny Law on FB wants the fumble explained. Says it was a fumble and we did recover it, but it didnâ??t end up that way after the review. Richt – we felt it was our ball too. Tenn put the replay on the big screen so it was an easy decision to challenge it. Officials though decided not to charge us with a timeout. Thinks they wouldâ??ve let the play run had he not challenged it, but they decided not to charge Georgia with a timeout. Has not had an explanation yet. Usually talks to Steve Shaw on Tuesdays if necessary. That gives the director of officiating a chance to review everything that has been turned in as questionable. Probably tomorrow heâ??ll have that conversation with Shaw to see what he thought about it.

Scott points out that normally the official will give an explanation but that didnâ??t happen this time. The ball was kind of locked against the leg of the ball carrier and (Richt helps him with the player name) Herrera got in on it. â??Tie goes to the runner I guessâ?¦â? Richt – â??I guess. Mightâ??ve been the first fumble recovery by a thigh or a hip.â?