1954 Songs of the University of Georgia Album

Songs of the University of GeorgiaIn 1954, the Dixie Redcoat Band under the direction of Roger Dancz recorded an album with the UGA Men’s Glee Club with Byron Warner as its director.  This album was called Songs of the University of Georgia.  This album can be found at the University of Georgia Library as part of the Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library collection Continue reading

The 2015 Lan4 Menus

bulldog-chefEach year Lan4Dawg cooks up his tailgate menus for the year.  So read on and be sure to wipe your mouth to keep the drool from getting all over your keyboard!

2015 Recipes–all fr/ Southern Living except “night before” dinners and all, naturally, accompanied by desserts, &c courtesy of the “Award Winning/World Famous Miss Pat©”

* LA-Monroe-(probably eat after, 16):  Bayou Country Chicken-Tasso-Sausage Gumbo w/  Rice, Green Peas and Crispy Bacon, Sangrita and a Domestic Syrah Continue reading